About the Study

Aim of the Study

Data are the basis of good decision making, and today’s turbulent time demands it more than ever. Therefore, we have decided to help through what we do best and prepared this study for you.

Every day we will bring you current data about the events in eCommerce, so that e-shops, carriers and other key players in eCommerce have the right information for their decision making.

Thank you.

Jan Lastuvka

Founder of MonkeyData, Research Author


We analyse data from more than 2,300 e-shops from the market that are involved in the study (e-shops from USA, UK, Netherlands, Russian and Czech Republic).
The e-shops represent the category of small and medium-sized companies and have been on the market for more than two years.

The stated turnover is exclusive of VAT. Daily values are matched based on days of the week. The comparison of the period is year-on-year.

Author of the Study

The author of the study is MonkeyData, which develops analytical tools for e-shops and currently helps with data analysis for 30,000+ e-shops around the world.


Jan Lastuvka

Founder of MonkeyData, Research Author

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